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Having Problems Placing Your Order?
Sorry!  Here Are Some Solutions to Problems Our Customers Have Encountered

If you have placed an order on our site before . . .
     At the top of every page on our site is a link that says "Sign in or Create an account".  Click on the "Sign in" part of that
     link, and on the next page fill in your e-mail address and the password you created on your previous order.  Otherwise, the
     system won't let you check out and will tell you that there is already an account with your e-mail address (it's yours).

If you can't remember your password . . .
     The system will offer you the option to request a new password so you can sign in.  Several customers have told me that
     the password they received by e-mail didn't work.  We think it's because they copied and pasted the new password -- I'm
     told that will not work for security reasons.  So try writing down the password you receive and then typing it in.

If the new password still doesn't work . . .
     Send an e-mail to us using the "Contact Us" link next to the search box -- in it, type the new password you'd like to use,
     exactly as you'd like it to appear.  We don't have access to your existing password, but we can change it on this end.

If you're having trouble using the dropdown boxes on individual items . . .
     If you have "upgraded" to Windows 10 and are using Microsoft's new Edge browser -- it has issues.  If you switch back to
     an older browser like Chrome or Firefox (or even the old Internet Explorer) this problem seems to disappear. 

If you encounter a problem that we haven't encountered yet . . .
     Send an e-mail to us using the "Contact Us" link next to the search box and describe the problem.  We'll respond as soon
     as we can (almost always within 24 hours -- usually much faster).  During business hours (8:30-4:30 Eastern Time Monday
     thru Friday), you can also call us at 937-433-5680 or 1-888-433-5239.